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Manjul Dixit, MDI am Manjul Dixit, MD, QME and I recently moved my practice from Menlo Medical Clinic to Atherton Square. I am board certified in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology plus other related conditions. My staff and I provide a professional yet personal environment to create individualized and customized treatment options for each patient. Our goal is to treat our patients like we would our own family.

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Why Use a Board Certified Allergist?

Insurance Accepted

A Board Certified Allergist spends 2-3 additional years studying allergy and immunology at a certified fellowship program. Board certified allergists are required to pass the American Board of Allergy Examination and a recertification examination is performed every 10 years.

Outcome of treatment depends on the skill of the doctor and Board Certified Allergists have formal education for the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, asthma and immunologic diseases.

Oral Food Challenges are performed by Board Certified Allergists to diagnose food allergy in the office. The Board Certified Allergist is skilled to handle any in-office reaction should they occur. Skin and blood tests often are not accurate in the diagnosis of food allergies.

Venom Treatment for wasps, hornets, yellow honeybees and fire ants should be performed by Board Certified Allergists for accuracy and safety.

Questionable techniques

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